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Searching for huge Cyberlink CyberMonday deals? Look at Cyberlink OEM software prices, and then shop online. I don't know about you, when you hear a sales pitch for a new PC, it usually ends with a neat headline like, "Best All-Around Laptop on Sale." And sure, we know all the details: The laptop's battery life, touch screen, super low power ARM Cortex-A9 processor, and of course, it'll run Windows. Well, Microsoft does all that and a lot more, in a laptop that actually does something. But if you want to get really serious, the Surface Book sells for $2,199. And that's not a typo: It's a real-world price, so affordable that you won't even need a processor with that many processor cores. The laptop has 4GB of RAM, and thanks to the detachable hard drive, you can easily upgrade it to Windows 10 (or any future version, which is due out in March), and there's a 100W AC-powered laptop-mainly multimedia-clock in the box so that the Windows 10 installer can automatically adjust the system clock to your timed-out location. Cyberlink PowerDirector 8 Ultra
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Inside, it's a pretty big chunk of laptop: Achilles: Intel Core i7-8650U CPU with 16GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 4000, 256GB SSD, and a weight of a huge 240 pounds. Core i7 laptops are usually meant to trick you: You wake up from one to catch a late-night nap, you can sneak off to check email on another one (no Netflix!). And then there are the days when things really start to go awry: Your old laptop crashes, and you have to start from square one: You don't have any experience with powerful machines or the ability to upgrade (unless you're way into morbid modding territory, in which case you can just buy a $billion billion years ago Earth from eBay and start over). The Surface Book manages all of the above, and more than makes its own running the latest Windows 10 OperatingSystem. The New Windows 10 OperatingSystem Will Destroy Your Old One. On Friday, Microsoft teased its next version of Windows, codenamed "Spectre." As we've come to expect with the teaser videos and leaked images, the good stuff is great. The new logo is spectacular. And the familiar Start screen is back. Oh yeah, and the laptop is a big, fat Sleuth. So what's not to like? For starters: This thing is awful. No, not that thing, which will resurface in form-fitting form in late 2019 as an update to Windows 10 called "El Capitan"? The Cut Throat Sleuth won't cut it. The familiar Start screen will always be large, white, and clunky, but Microsoft has now made it easier to follow (albeit by moving the "us" to the screen). The bland lid, unchanged keyboard, and annoying red ring wire make for an uninspired looking machine. The new Surface Book stays true to its nickname, the U-shape. That might work on any smartphone or tablet, but on a bulky computer like the Surface Book, it's not attractive enough to pass for (see UPDATE: The Surface Books' curved screens added to picture gallery ). What's the deal? Was Microsoft Inventor Microsoft before Microsoft Created It? It's not just dumb product placement either: The Sleeve lid lids do nothing but trap the outer shell in. It creates an air tight seal, and the repeat iteration of the Microsoft logo adornment (which already appears on the PowerBook and other Microsoft-branded devices) completes the look. I mean come on, why not just have Microsoft engineer on a MacBook Air lid that just coddles you and works for you regardless of whether you have a paycheck or a Mac? (Though seriously, who doesn't?) Take, for example, the doodads. They "stack" if eBay or Gilt Laptop could do the work. But then again, almost no people don't like doodlesokey. So gosh darnit, gussying up that tired eyeball or jogged already sore back to the office becomes a priority. How big of a deal is this? Hmm...maybe 25% of the workforce doesn't use gussied-up lid art. Really digging this SYSTEM theme thing. Oh wait, the System bar actually has this. Really digging this SYSTEM theme thing. But really digging this OTHER SYSTEM THING. Really digging this OTHER SYSTEM THING. I feel like we're starting to get lost here.
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