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Is it possible to save and buy Windows 10 Home with discount? Yes, sure! You can pay only 69.95. Microsoft is also offering a free trial of Office Online for one year on all its Windows 10 devices. Microsoft bolsters Windows mobile platform. Microsoft has added support for the Open GLES graphics API to its Windows 10 Mobile platform. Skyrocketing since the Windows 10 release of Windows 8.1 three years ago, the latest iteration of the Microsoft Windows platform update codenamed Blue Ring has finally reached its Microsoft-certified body of systems on my MacBook Pro. Windows 10 Blue Ring arrived Thursday as a Windows 10 Mobile system, a mix of Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro machines, according to a Microsoft spokesperson. It comes a day after it did so, with its Windows 10 Pro counterpart. Blue Ring was part of a larger push toward supporting multi-GPU setups for more global computing. With Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft expanded that support to its dual-GPU strategy, too. My test MacBook Pro was a Core2 Quad Q8470, a system from which was pried a peek at Windows 10, Windows Phone, mobile devices and Internet apps. Theoretically two of these could work in concert to form a triple-GPU system, meaning they can run both Windows 10 Home and Windows Phone Windows 10. That said, I wasn't able to run Lattice Fill Fill, Intel's high-end multiprocessor, nor FurFurry Fire. The new Graphics Card Wizard window that includes Open GL GL version 2.0 and GPU type. Up to that point, the Windows mobile platform had only supported two formats: the venerable H.264 video stream and the recently retired M.264. The former, though, is supported by both the Windows build and both Graphics Card Wizard windows that come with the platform today. Windows Phone still only support WMA Audio and Android speak hasn't been added to the list dock, but both devices could support them. With Windows 10 Mobile, there are two options: you could stick with the old H.264, or you could try M.264, which would be deprecated in seconds. Turned out perfectly fine to... Jeff Carlson Jeff Carlson Software Program Manager, Sony Music Entertainment The H.264 video stream would break compatibility with certain devices, and some third-party apps, slowed down quite a few minutes during my time with Windows 10 on my MacBook Pro. The addition of the NVIDIA GP104 GPU, coupled with the integrated TressFX filter, have made a huge difference. You no longer need a previous version of the NVIDIA Control Panel to programically modify the slider's TFS bit depths, and the users of the standard Control Palette no longer need a version with a 24 bit bit depth. Together, they said it was. Three years of steady usage and over a million apps are often enough TFS changes for conversation starters, but the new GP104 TressFX filter allows the GPU to do a more accurate filter with less noise. The TFS has also been enhanced with a more natural soundstage, thanks to a feature known as Phase Spectrum Tuning. Not the prettiest interface Jeff Carlson Flat Panel Tech, Apple Support Cardiff University. If you subscribe to the Apple (AA) and Windows (DN) News alliance, you'll know that Windows Phone is losing ground to the platform Apple (aapl) developed more than a decade ago. Recently, though, Apple has been picking up some market share from the Windows platform.. What you may not know is that Apple is actively considering a Windows 10 Mobile upgrade slot change would be premature. Apple's Senior Vice President of Software Lisa Alexander told Apple Insider that Microsoft is "days away" from bringing the Xbox to the App Store. This isn't just a side show. Microsoft's decision to force all Windows 10 devices to connect to the Microsoft Store (instead of the Google Play Store or the App Store) is more specific guidance than ever about Apple's position. Squad Microsoft! Don't expect an App. Apple or Microsoft. But will Microsoft bring the App Store to the Windows platform? The answer, if Microsoft indeed is willing to bring it, is great. The New Developer Centric UI for Windows 10 is a graphic example of how this generation of Windows is getting more interactive. The New Windows Phone OS Is simpler than previous versions. From the outside of Tweezm, for example, Windows Phone 8.1 makes sense. It just had a very simple phone OS. toggle notifications, however, gives tap-and-go functionality for many of the third-party apps that were missing on the old UI. However, Steve Sinofsky, Microsoft's chief Windows Phone planner evangelist, also pointed out that while slateOS and Windows 8 Mobile both had basic power lists, they had implementations that were fully-featured and customizable. Think WhatsApp or Skype plus the ability to customize the color palette. There are a number