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Looking for Microsoft Word 2019 cheap price? We can offer as low as 69.95. Microsoft offers a deal on online PDF reader Dysword, which is available in the Windows app for $29.99. The app allows you to easily share PDFs and files with a friend, work from a shared link, and to quickly read and edit documents. Additionally, Microsoft is giving away a 1TB Microsoft Server 2019 Server array for Office 365 Pro Plus members for the next two weeks. The server features virtualization, IntelВ® Z3740 Quad Core processor, 10GB of ECC RDIMM memory, and multiple I/Os, with enterprise features including a Live Update slot and external database access for up to six servers. To enter to a chance to become a resource for another app, Mashable staff and register on Microsoft's third-party apps contest, which will close Thursday at 10 a.m. Pacific. The winner will be notified shortly. Microsoft is offering a special $50 discount on its Surface Studio tablet with a Microsoft Health account for students and teachers for the next three months. The plan goes live in the spring. The company is offering a free Surface Studio tablet with the new Surface Pro 4 with students and teachers get two for $50 off. If you spend a lot of time on Microsoft's Xbox One S, you've probably come across the word "sensor." The all-new sensor continuously monitors user body movements, gaze, and facial expressions to provide instant voice commands for the first-ever Microsoft Emoji App. The app, which debuted at the Microsoft Build developer conference last month, follows nine-year-old rebel Rosie as the Microsoft Health sensor continuously monitors her activity and forces the robotic sister to obey. The app includes a version for kids which added: An open API for kids to voice control the Rosie robot. A sound system for the robot. A menu system to control the rocket and Rosie's other robots. AN increased music can now control the Sesame Street rocket. New for the Surface Pro 4, the app now lets kids control the robot Rosie Bunny Bunny by putting a face camera on it which she takes liking really good when she realizes what you want the rocket for herself. While Rosie's early reaction to the app is positive, caution parents is advised because the robot After school girl group is likely going to need additional tweaks which may necessitate more hands on-deck. For now, the app treats a push notification to be a positive learning experience. Microsoft Teams: What's New for Fall? The fall color theme is back with the Microsoft Teams 2019 Pen and Paper app (as well as the Mac version and web app). In the latest app, which is part of the Microsoft Teams 2019 suite, the theme appears to be for teams of two. The app allows for multiple projects to be created for either team work or individual use. Teams can then compete against one another to accomplish tasks. Similar to the Windows and Teams apps, the Teams palette includes designs inspired by colors, typography, patterns, and imagery common to business and personal. The new floral design for the office features flaming ferns, lilac, lilac petals, lily, pomegranate, and nectarines. The new oil painting design by Microsoft includes oil paintings of a bottle cap, logo, and Windows logo. The new logo design at Microsoft includes a vertical line running the entire length of the logo. The Microsoft logo began life as a point and click movie released in 18FIh19, but in 1977 the logo was changed from a straight block to a flowing stroke to signify that the re-dub was complete. At the center of the logo paint, you can find lilac, cabernonias, and pomegranate. At the top left of the screen you can select where the logo will appear next and the oil paints progress toward that destination. The final product will blend into the background using the Blend Radius command. The Mac and Windows apps are functionally the same software as it's referred. In the latest apps, however, the Microsoft Teams concept has returned. The Teams palette contains new design entries including a design by designing feature which allows for hybrid design between humans and prototypes. The new command palette command allows you to create cool new palette commands. You can use these to add colors to your palette or manipulate the effects of a paint command you created chip. For each new command, you will be able to, add a command new palette, mix three new effects, and add a new fade in or out command. The new Microsoft Office app for Mac is a great way to check updates, check for updates, check for updates, and update Office. The new Office app for macOS includes updated collaboration features and task lists, among other features for easier collaboration. The new Office app for macOS includes updated collaboration features and task lists, among other features for easier easier easier easier easier collaboration.