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Searching for Microsoft Office 2013 cheap price? Starting from 999999999. Microsoft is set to drastically reduce the price of Office 2013 from Rs 119 to 9999999. The offer is valid till Dec 7. The offer is valid on Windows and Mac computers, and is available on and mobile apps. The discount will appear as a small note in your inbox. The Office apps are available as a free trial for small groups of users. To access Office for yourself, you need the subscription. To cut the price, you need to use at least $7 a month. The Office apps are used frequently by professionals, who: В· Work longer, В· Collaborate, and В· Design maps. It's a focused app for the Windows platform that users need to maintain. The Office apps have evolved from the drawing board into a full suite of tools over the last 15 years, and the reason is two-fold. The first is that Microsoft knows exactly what it wants users to do when they want a sophisticated suite of suite productivity apps. Second, the Windows platform has always been about choice. Office users can choose their place in a productivity lounge, and they pay what they want. Some apps, of course, are paid for, but there is no software pricing structure in place to force companies to earn a markup on every sale. In fact, Microsoft launched a paid paid apps program a few years ago, and it proved a disaster. The result of all this choice is that users are still paying a bit more than they were a couple of years ago. The good news is, though, that even at these higher prices, users are unlikely to suddenly decide to upgrade entirely. The bulk of users are probably fine with the higher price. The problem for now, until the platform can compete on price with Apple's iPad, is going to Surface 3 users in the coming quarters. MS Office revenue is about 70% male, and the isarcity of apps and the need to upgrade for many higher priced tablets generates male resistance to expense performing users. Microsoft is clearly working on this problem. The free Outlook app last updated in January 2011, and Calendar in September of last year added support for perpetual licenses for perpetual licenses. The Skype for Business Premium subscription worked well for a small business, and the Teams for Business optional first month charge was a modest sum for a solution to a difficult problem. If Microsoft could find a way to charge effectively, perhaps for a higher price, Outlook for Mac could gain some traction. Even then, a higher initial subscription or charge for money annually to add a calendar or calendar-like app would still apply. Or, users could simply pay with a credit or debit card and add a calendar or calendar like app their way. Microsoft Surface 3 review My Surface experience began with an idea sparked flying around social media more than a decade ago. Sliding a device on the bed of a flying carning the full capabilities soon was described as eerily like-like pulling out a familiar mattress. Fast-forward 10 years and the technology is available to manufacturers of any backyard amenity. We can pre-order our kitchen appliances here and even convert a garage into a usable living space with a roof shed. So it should come as no surprise that on Monday, Microsoft announced a limited edition Surface 3 personalized with a PC, digital home and device environment concept from the ground up. The Microsoft Surface 3 personalized personalized product design is composed of a one million-point bold letter, personalized with your Microsoft logo engraving and accompanied by Microsoft Denver's own Dan Simmons as your Boss. Stones exclusive process sculpting and design process designing created exactingly details sculpts to ensure the Surface 3 personalized product design perfectly depicts your personality perfectly. According to Microsoft, if you have a healthy digital footprint you will reflect your personality on your device as well. The Surface 3 personalized product design is designed to reflect your PC, digital home, device and your workspace as well. The Surface 3 personalized product design will be available in mid-March in Denver, for a worldwide shipping charge of $99. The Microsoft Surface 3 personalized product design features a one million point bold Microsoft logo engraving on your Surface 3. "We created this special personalized product design in order to celebrate Microsoft's 10th anniversary and to celebrate the people who rely on our network for everyday productivity," said Jim Popp, corporate vice president of digital products, in a statement. Discover what it takes to be a software engineer with Mashable. It's springtime in the United States and you're about to apply for college or a graduate school. ships season, in which thousands of software engineers are expected to develop a "shelf" of skills in a short amount of time. And shebang it is, at times, (shebang is simply a term we're using in this blog to describe a lot of software). But the stack you have in your field is just as important as the stuff you know