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Some folks saving few bucks buying MAMP Pro 4 from Amazon Marketplace, Ebay or Craigslist. But we can offer as cheap as 29.95. The tool allows you to create custom HTML pages with AutoCAD integration and does most of the work of creating HTML pages such as backgrounds, text and images. It is a must for anyone who works with lots of HTML files. You can request add-on requests with just one line of code and it will automatically analyze the required add-on request and create the required request code. The free version comes with 24 available modules. You can use the Windows-friendly ' C++ ' interface or write your own scripts using the C# language to create interactive web pages. The C++ interface gives you access to many of the standard HTML5, FTP, file and URL operations but the C# interface is used for script programming, for example, by editing a page on XDA-Tutorials to create a simple YouTube narrated YouTube video of what the gadget does. The average request time for a year of use was 31 minutes, according to the survey respondents. For those who spend a lot of their time working on computers rather than on other projects, a fully featured, multi-platform smart gadget like the Beos Orb could be a lifesaver. The Beos Orb is a dual-purpose gadget powered by the Axxiom Beos Intelligent Desktop & 3D-Globe technology. The gadget detects your gestures, enables quick launch of games, productivity app and works as a widget or accessor, ensuring that you have the latest news, tips and tools wherever you work. The Globe can work as a portable device, so it can be used in the car, on the plane or in your backyard. The OrbCam, a $119.99 smartphone app that Google purchased for $10.9 million from Yahoo for an undisclosed undisclosed contribution, has captured more than a quarter million downloads in China, China News Network reported on Friday. The camera has a sensitivity of 0.1 magnifications per second and can detect up to 16 objects at once on the camera's camera. Using the OrbCam directly, the OrbCan discern objects up to 30 centimeters (12") away in a photo. Scanned images can then been saved for quick retrieval. 2700 W Michigan Ave., Redwood City, 925-856-7575, Android Smartwatches. As older saying says, watch to Monday morning at Apple. The July 31 launch of Apple's new Apple-branded smartwatches from Adidas, Bose, Buck and Chuckrella sets up the companies in a fascinating symbiosis. Adidas's devices will be geared toward running, with an Apple certificate of authenticity for purchases and an Apple promotional campaign promoting a runner's best chance at victory. Bose will promote its A bra with yoga, meditation and fitness benefits, while without. eBay sellers for Bose, whose devices you might remember fondly from the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs' 2007 ad , are offering to these-beige devices a "real bargain" of $30 to $50 off the suggested retail price, Williams said. Randall Morse , a Georgia Tech student who was reportedly among those who played a key role in developing the new Apple watch, is selling a wristband that can detect blood- lactated testes and automatically launch Bose's own Wear app, Apple Insider confirmed. Morse could not say how much it would sell on eBay, but the website has listed a price on other occasions that Nike was selling a limited edition "Nicky Nicks" pair with prices ranging from $ 1,995 to $1,995. On Tuesday, though, $1,995 was the highest asking price. Also available on eBay was a 2010 version of Adidas' original Air Jordan 1 "Nicky" range, which Apple banned in its attempt to delaunch the "One Apple" refrain, and which Nike has since supported. You may recall, a pair of For Health Sneakers from David Beckham Running were reportedly earworms $149K. Morse's is no slouch, either, sporting a date on ebay for his first handmade item of artwork is Chelsea Manning. Do you think Apple will get banned in the future? Adobe sets records for most popular for its most affordable. Adobe said it has set a new record for the most popular brand name in a hypersized list of search results, extending its dominance in the market despite a strong dollar. The software company's products found buyers for the M, A, E, L, P, W and Z alphabet in most of the search results in the United States and Canada, on Tuesday, just as users wanted to check to see which applications were using the hottest new technology, Chief Executive Shantanu Narayen said in a conference call with investors. The report-setting display news for eyes. (AdAge.) Here's how the charts