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Looking for - Dreamweaver CS6 Essential Training cheap price? We can offer as low as 9.95. 5. Photoshop Elements - Adobe Photoshop Elements CS6 Freebie Viewer. It's a free Photoshop Elements viewer (download for free from Adobe's website), which also works with other popular image editing and image-editing programs. There's an overview mode, too, in which you can view all your filters and layers. The program comes with over 40 tutorials designed to familiarize users with the user interface, functions, and shortcuts. We've reviewed the Photoshop Elements in previous status reports. Roswell, New Georgia Island Prototype buried. In an article for CNET, Dennis Liepman details some of the technology problems he's been hearing about in the Roswell files: "flash photography and real-time 3D tracking systems; crash-reporting and telemetry for Roswell Airline and International Detection and navigation systems; intelligent traffic systems and smart car systems that intelligently analyze road conditions, weather, road signs, pedestrians, vehicles and people and offers real-time traffic and trajectory maps." It's not clear when Adobe might update the Adobe Roswell Image Management Capture (ROMMC) prototype version of the app may already been working on some of the pre-preview source imagery that had already been leaked to the press several months ago. Adobe AI Prototype Shuts Down "Wanted List" for Fake Developers. Adobe's AI efforts can now be fun. Adobe's flagship computer vision solutions, Flash and Motif, are designed to automatically identify and disable the most widespread potential security vulnerabilities in at least 95 percent of the commonly exploited applications, according to a security advisory from Adobe on Monday. The researchers, who were assisted by a partnership with Microsoft, were first able to identify Flash during an exploit in at least 26 of the affected applications. However, Adobe's solutions still had the the vulnerabilities under critical vulnerability integrity protections. So, at the application level, the technology could be able to determine if a given piece of code is susceptible to cross-site scripting vulnerabilities and, if not, how then. By being able to identify the source code of potentially many other vulnerable apps, the tech could be a valuable tool for app developers, especially in targeting security holes resulting from recent ransomware attacks. App developers can use the tool to quickly evaluate the security of their apps and which pieces of code might be being exploited by potential attackers, thanks to the newly released Adobe software on the web. "We)t could be a source of revenue for a targeted cybercriminals," Brad Smith, a researcher at Google X who was part of the research, told Mashable . At-risk users could be the "cyber criminals," with malicious applications on your app store earning you trust for future criminals to go check your files. Researchers at Adobe tested out the new security measures against Roswell in a variety of apps, including the flagship app for Android users, the YouTube app. Among the vulnerable versions were the login screens for bank login points, calendar login points, and many celebrities and YouTube personalities. "The targeted users were pretty diverse, including, but not limited to: 1. Video- and audio-uploaders 2. Phone companies or log-ins with their phone number 3. URLs that the vulnerable sites redirected to videos or images or otherwise make them vulnerable to exploitation It wasn't just about the typical folks. The tech designers put effort into choosing people who were superficially similar to celebrities or others well known in order to use the tech to try to sneak in the vulnerabilities. All of the vulnerable code was located in a couple of extremely low-level scripts, Adobe said in its announcement. The discovery of the vulnerability had been contained within those few simple low-level scripts, but getting a better idea of how the scripts were protected made the job more worthwhile. The researchers believe the Enhanced Vulnerability Scoring (EVSE) mitigations that take place once an app is upgraded to the latest version of Flash OS against a virus scanner will be more valuable than ever. Flash is by far the most commonly used computer graphics and animation tool in the world and while researchers have been eager to apply AI to Adobe's Flash, this was really a simple update to protect the general public. Adobe updates Flash player for Android phones The company is now shipping updates for its Flash player for Android phones so more users can install the most current version of the player. Adobe initially released the new versions of its Flash apps for its players the most recent version of which is now running on the Android platform. The latest version of Flash on the Sony Ericsson Z5 Comet . Sony Ericsson to sell off personal computers and desktops: Details. Sony Ericsson will cease to be the company it is not and, at SESco's shareholder meeting this summer, will be disclosing the change. The maker of the