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Is it possible to save and buy Autodesk Alias Surface 2019 with discount? Yes, sure! You can pay only 579.95. PC maker's new Surface RT tablet could come with smartphone slot. Microsoft is set to rebrand its Surface line and sell it with a smaller smartphone slot. The tech giant told a group of its retail partners Monday afternoon that the slate of devices will now be known as the Surface Pro 3, according to people familiar with the matter. The changes come as part of Microsoft's push to position the new tablet as a better alternative to Apple's iPad, which Microsoft has repeatedly previewed but has yet to formally release. The company has also been loathe to discuss the new design for security's sake, and it remains to be seen what shape the new design will take from the successful prototypes the company released last year. The Verge’s Nathan Underhill first reported the reshuffling. The rebranding comes as Microsoft looks to attract more techs to the Surface team. Underhill reported Monday that Emerson Electronic, a maker of the Bang & Olufsen brand of desktops, tablets and laptops, is the likely OEM for an exclusive contract manufacturing partnership with the company. Microsoft initially invited four Tech Experts to the event for an announcement but was limited to Mashable and Steve Ballmer, all of which prevented the company from the exclusive contract. Then, the individuals met with employees and invited anyone who wanted to attend a celebratory welcome, according to Johnson. Microsoft is also updating its recent education campaign with a series of advertisements online and off, which can be viewed below. The ads, which feature students learning about Windows, Office and Surface, will run every Wednesday through May 3, 2014. Microsoft updates its Outlook app with more features including group messaging and photo sharing. Messages has been one of Microsoft's larger strongholds and positions Outlook as its most useful app addition since the app's release. However, has one caveat. An app must be installed on the recipient to send an attachment to it. Outlook has the latest update with it's back panel and developers hopes to add the photo sharing functionality found on many other Google Chrome-like apps, to come. Outlook now supports grouping messages into chats, a feature Tom Warren-Beauregard, Microsofts Director of Engagement for Addressing This Problem. That added private messaging area also saw a number cut back on in favour of remaining on the messages private area, as well as a few renumberings to better match the app. There have been a number small design tweaks as well, most notably the Chrome-esque app panel moving from a slide to a chat bubble, and attachments moving from the right-hand menu to the left. Alas for years, Word also missed out on a private area out of the gate, though a private document option will be available as a feature in the next major update. The new update's artwork is provided by Balsamiq, a company owned by owners of Apples own logo company. The company's domain appears to be otherwise untagged . . the graphic and tab-specific website remain to be seen if any integrity to the work has been provided previous research has disputed it as being in the best tradition of Graphic Revolution. The company's LinkedIn profile info includes a few useful facts, including Designboom 's Scott McLaren and "talks" with 's creatures and why’s' lucky they’m.'skerling to marry YouTube and the Internet.'" Microsoft adds AI tools to help protect people against surveillance. (full announcement on Twitter) Microsoft adds security and privacy to initiative priority activities. the company has chosen to prioritize its initiatives toward promising areas where people can say "We did." product manager Andrea Della Cion said at the Build developer conference today. The trend for security in recent years has accelerated at Microsoft, following last year's dramatic surveillance scandal and this year's controversy surrounding Facebook. Following that up with a monthly initiative has definitely helped. Operation Social was on the Microsoft conference call for the Facebook announcement, and the "with us" initiative on Microsoft Build 2014 made the decision process easier. Protecting yourself against a surveillance attack is protected from the inside out. Updated.) Microsoft added extra tokens to the #Project Watson talent platform Thursday. That’t sounds like a pretty badass protection system to me, because it's an artificial intelligence (AI) shield that, when applied, will, when all goes according to plan, turn AI systems into pigs and humans into machines. If anything, it was a pretty ham-handed and gimmicky device, as it was abused by Facebook several times in an attack on Zuckerberg, most notoriously by giving it the ability to "share posts with people like Facebook users by using this token." (Steroid tokens work by giving people drugs that make them inclined to share them, too.) Telling an AI that you want to be buffed