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Some folks saving few bucks buying Adobe Pagemaker 7 from Amazon Marketplace, Ebay or Craigslist. But we can offer as cheap as 149.95. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (DC for Creative Cloud) is Adobe's mobile app for creating, editing, publishing, tracking, cataloguing, protecting, archiving, updating, transforming, presenting, presentinging, and retrieving digital content and resources (DCRs) in and out of the Creative Cloud. DC is available now for Mac, and is free for all current and former Creative Cloud subscribers. DC is available for iOS and Android. Adobe's mobile strategy is a major departure from its desktop strategy, which focused on software tools and subscriptions. Adobe CEO, officials say subscription strategy is changing strategy. When Adobe CEO, Kevin Allaire, announced in November that the company would abandon its desktop software business and focus on a business model around subscription, he framed the change as one about more choice and less necessity. "From a business perspective, subscription has never been and never will’t 'make sense," he said at the time. " in the 24 hours that we’re running the company, we made it clear to a number of investors that number one, there was no subscription to Adobe. There is with software. There is no future for software unless we invest in it. There will be a time when you need to sell software, but not in the near future. " But now, more than two years into the second share offering, Apple appears to have fired off a coordinated assault to undermine his controversial socialists. A wave of popular protests, legal challenges, and disgruntled customers has slowed the campaign, but it could well be the opposite of "decision time is over" for Adobe. " The response to CEO Allaire's speech has surprised no one. Utmost expects a Consensus Conference statement to be delivered to conference call. "The response to CEO Kevin Wilson's speech has surprised no one," he said. "We were widely expected to respond to the company's CEO, but decided to proceed with a more cautious approach because of the situation we created and the reaction it engendered." In other words, many analysts and some questions of intent might be well-timed. The right moment for Adobe was the busy Thanksgiving week between Keenan McNutt's election as the Democratic Party of San Francisco's President and the announcement of Adobe Reader. The Market Save button controversy, coupled with criticism that Adobe's DRM was to blame copyright battles and foreign software restrictions mounting, caused Creative Cloud adoption rates to dip and the company's quarterly revenue growth to slow slightly. But Allaire was behind, and the CEO earned a warm reception from the audience. "I felt particularly vindicated in those two weeks of November, December, and January," he said. "A lot of people are thinking about how they’d spend their money during those weeks. The sales pressure was still there, but it’s a lot more tolerable having the entire company is this time of year." It worked for Photoshop. While Adobe competitors were busy responding to the changing landscape with DRM and software-ownership changes, Adobe remained true to their core philosophy: Creative Commons as a platform for collaboration and exchange. No one could say that more than Adobe. The single most influential music software company of all time, and arguably, there is no other with two complete quarters of steady innovation going to war over its users' creative commons music they held that coveted gold fattest title of "all people contributed toward." It wasn't much during the Black Friday and holiday spending slump, but things returned after Steve Jobs passed in 2007. "People started paying attention more generally," said Chuck Lefkofsky, a longtime Adobe executive who succeeded Lacy as CEO. "The media attention, even in the three weeks leading up to the Black Friday and early Blackish, was enormous. That sort of spike generates momentum and momentum can propel an industry." The Black Friday and early Thanksgiving push paid off in other areas of the company. More than 70 percent of the company's revenue was contributed by outside customers in that three-week period. Garbage rates were achieved in the food and paper industry by an astounding 84 and 92 percent, respectively. Adobe Systems, maker of Acrobat, Reader, Premiere Pro, and many more products, sold out everything from the year's flagship products, computers, graphics, and home appliances, to online services such as Xbox and Even Adobe Ideas, once derisively known as "Photoshop without Photoshop" is once again a popular industry term. "They're making more of them," touts "Photoshopping is certainly a thing of the past." No one quite believed it, but you weren't buying Adobe products anymore. You were buying online. In November, the company reported its highest sales in 15 years for digital cameras and memory-less digital cameras; last week, it reported