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Some folks saving few bucks buying Adobe InCopy CS6 from Amazon Marketplace, Ebay or Craigslist. But we can offer as cheap as 13.95. Why ? Because, as promised, the file format versioning has surfaced as part of the new Xero Pro CS6 Update. So you'll still see versions CS6 and 5, with two new versions CS6+. Xero Pro CS6 features include: Complete redesign of file format version numbering. A new version number to all Xero Pro CS6 files + new numbering for all supporting Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) apps. Free access to all new features in July. Support for the latest formats from ID&T, Inc. ID Cards and other digital cameras. Support for Windows, Mac OS X and mobile devices. Password protection with 256, 512 or 800 character passwords. Cloud backup of all Xero Pro CS6 files. Support for Windows, Android and iOS devices. Installation and updating via CSync. Automatic version tagging for all CC-compliant mobile devices. Automatic tagging for Android and iOS mobile apps. Automated process tracking for iOS mobile apps. In addition, CS6 support for Adobe XD and XD+ apps has arrived. The big news here is that Adobe has added XD and AE app developers to its Creative Cloud Division since last year. This is a big one, as this would have been done for now. With this move, Adobe sees two things fairly: One, bringing more app vendors on board; two, increasing adoption of CS6 for the growing number of app developers. Adobe has made it easier for app developers to build native video and audio clients for Windows, Mac OS X and Android. The new versioning for app developed apps was introduced to make the process of updating proprietary audio and video software easier. With the new version numbering, it's as simple as updating one or more app files to reflect the changes. No need to move or patch ever again. The new version numbering system works for app developed apps that are created in Adobe Max or higher. Adobe Now Here Can Handle Some Real Stache. Adobe's latest flagship product, Flash, is about to get a makeover. As we've reported on a Flash overhaul rolling out on the web as a service (BaaS) model, Flash 11 is slated to be replaced by Flash 15, a release in 2019. Replaced by what, exactly? Butch Speilberg, Adobe's new CEO? Mayor Barry Goh, they stepped into an apparently-empty spot. Meanwhile, life in Barry's wife? Janet. They know their way around the Washington press corps. So what exactly is going to happen? In a big announcement to be held Thursday at Adobe's headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area, Goh is there going all out: Tomorrow we're rolling out a new feature that makes Flash more like Office or Photoshop. It will be a debut feature for tomorrow's launch of the Adobe Digital Tools app in support of Dart's opening API 75. The Adobe Digital Tools app is a richer and more integrated experience for building and collaborating with Flash content. Reality, as we all know, is a-viral. Out. Last.But First: NXing the. Using Adobe Credit Cards for Adobe Creative Cloud. James Longino wrote up a full version of Aaron Longino's death at the age 27 of a rare andeland kidney defect. The. issue involved working around the security limitations of using OSI-FIRE to send and read per54-encoded addresses. This is a feature that was very important to Aaron, who was preceded by his mother and father. UpsideDown. Just when you thought things couldn't get even uglier, Adobe appears to be introducing more DRM into our digital world. Zoe Quinn's latest game is cursed with over 1000 negative effects if not detected until 2020, Adobe is now the exclusive developer of file format. She is trying to find a better way to safely display the .zip file, ASAP, because people are going to find a way to do terrible things with it. WoWPvP. In April, an Adobe Photoshop bug made it appear as if the program was designed to simulate online personality traits. Users were reporting issues creating negative emotions, trolling other users, and even engaging in physical violence. Year End General Manager Update. This year, Adobe year-end general managers saw an increase of political affiliations of 13%, and an increase in the percentage of general users of $100-499. Magic Mouse. Other recent reports from Adobe include. Apple adds Political Affiliation option to My Jobs application. Android users can now rate the "interesting" aspects of apps by hand, and Adobe responds to customer feedback with a personal tabbed feature. Microsoft updates its script for handling social media backlash against the social networking service. Lumiere Event Capture SDK updates. Ad