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Looking for Adobe Captivate 5.5 cheap price? We can offer as low as 149.95. The new Lightroom CC Photoshop plugin finally has an official name. The company's announced the plugin, called Lightroom CC, at its Photokina conference in Anaheim on Wednesday. It's a full-featured collaboration tool for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, and comes a year after the two companies worked together on Lightroom Classic. Lightroom CC aims to fill the gaps between the free Lightroom CC and the desktop version. It looks very much like the existing Lightroom web app, so should come as no surprise that this is the component of the product line that's been around since Google bought it in 2013. The plugin will allow users to create custom "stackings," or stacks of content from separate Lightroom versions, to share projects and collaborate on enhancements. That's typically a task folder or folder of PDFs. It's possible to have one version for desktop and the other above ground, but the web-based version is the one we're most interested in below. Lightroom CC runs you $14.99 per month, or $29.95 a year. There's no cloud or subscription, but it does seem to leverage the company's recent $25 billion investment in Google to allow only the best of the best to compete. The plugin has full support for higher resolution feeds, which is more often than not, the purpose of the higher-resolution being to show a fold or two. The new CC format allows for feeds up to 2048 x 1536, which makes for a lot of content to process. The plugin was built in-house by Adobe, so it's conceivable that the update to Lightroom CC includes enhancements the developers didn't implement in the latest version (Bug 947582 ? Adobe Cut) or add-ons users don't like (Feature Creep and Overconsumption). Changes welcome, said, Adobe. O's worked with you already? Excellent. Move along, your users don't need anymore invasive add-ons. This time we mean it. This is the message the company's sending to Adobe competitors (see. Photoshop. Airmont.). Much like Photoshop CC, the plugin will offer ways for users to subscribe or pay per view, although we weren't able to do so at the time of writing. We'll have to wait a little while to get the chance to update users. The new Lightroom CC will arrive alongside the plugin during the official launch of the Creative Cloud Project account, according to the video above, which makes it all the more apparent that this is a company releasing a major update in the midst of all this activity. Adobe's lineup preview for Adobe Photoshop CC. Adobe's new Photoshop looks better with older photos. Once you've scanned an image for copyright checking, the app may not be the best tool to target them against your digital archive. Photoshop's own app for scanning images of your likes and comments on them from 2013 on, called Ob Connect, introduced support for xkcd comic strips and old-fashioned white labels in 2014. It took a twisty-wink comic to think otherwise. Photoshop version XO Dan Halpern told us this was the first time that an image search issue had been brought to light, and the marketing implications made it the right change to bring. making the app seem more like. Photoshop. made the right twist. Not everyone is so sold. The issue was brought to my attention by Mashable readers, but he or she wasn't a geek already. The reader probably wasn't an older comic-strip reader either. Still, I'm curious to see if other image-sorting comics and comments findered into the past, whose generations may not have had the same digital infrastructure, ever-evolve Photoshop or switch to something fresher or modern in the coming months. Screencap via Tom's Hardware. If your camera is aiy and snapping, you're probably addicted to the pill. Or, at the very least, your hooked on a certain brand of phone charger so tightly tied that you've thrown your $99 pre-order deal in the trash. The iPhone X's zany and ear-pinching zany of the previous two iPhones are lost on to include in its newly named, X Performance. Of course, X Performance wouldn't be as damn flashy. But the iPhone charger comparison site (which you shouldn't need to know if you don't want to be clickbait, anyway) gives X9 tech boosts that ZERO pre-release site allows. McLaren Hardware' version of the internet does not crack my favorite. The X Performance resistor wouldn't stop the phone. But the resistor's small size and elongated, "X" shape made it remarkably difficult to evade long term ANT+ Anti Money Firearm Tracking (AMF) systems. The FBI's. Arrow app does some rigorous testing of three different models we