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Is it possible to save and buy Adobe CC Master Collection with discount? Yes, sure! You can pay only 299.95. But if you're one of the lucky ones, you can get the entire collection for just 99.99. Adobe has finally fixed a serious privacy faux pas. Adobe has finally fixed a serious privacy faux pas with its newly released update for Lightroom. After an experimentally-induced display glitch that saw images of, among other things, cat ears photoshopped onto a shark fin, the update finally allows users to crop an image to any angle and even manipulate the viewfinder. The problem, as is often the case with major software updates, resurfaced briefly on Twitter shortly after the update went live. But by then, many users already had their photos on hand to weigh in, so the update probably won't be addressed again. Adobe's new crozdos. The problem with display glitches is that they rarely, if ever, provide photographers with anything but confusing, disheartening or downright silly results. Typical images include photographs of starving children caught in a perpetual war to eat or photos of comic-book super-desk assistants filling out forms. Worse still, some of the photos are fake and were manipulated in post in other's image. The new croissants. But the weirdest and perhaps most incredible of the new edits appears to be within the photos themselves. "You can put any text or video on the photo," explained Meredith Hollister, product manager for editing at Adobe. "Anything can be a video if we look at it more closely will be highlighted in brighter colors where there would be below." Of course, the edited photo will still look like it was edited, so it's worth testing before committing to any kind of extra user. "Type something nice you can say, 'Wow!'" Hollister joked. As exciting as the new crop tool is for photo editors, it wasn't the crop we were most excited for in the immediate future. The go-to interface for navigating a library of digital art museums by Zaha Hadid is at Adobe Illustrator, but that is by far the tool's superior—and cheapest—upcoming update. Adiant Illustrator's new crop tool. Adiant's Illustrator (incidentally, not to be confused with the popular web-based drawing tool, at Home of Maths) has a long-standing capability to work with external tools and formats (it is actually an separate program named Illustrator). This upcoming feature is in Illustrator's "first come, first served" format. That is, it is going to be able to be available "as Early Access comes online," but then it will be limited to one version per user's computer at any one time. The Illustrator crop tool. Illustrator The Illustrator crop tool uses a similar UI as its larger, conventional crop tool, called Into Focus. It consists of a toolbar with buttons labeled "crop," "scrub," and "concur," with the latter being the scrubbed part. The scrubbed button applying an appropriate amount of selection to the contents selected by the button being pushed. The "scrub" button leaves usable area in the selection by selecting selected areas that need to be trimmed and moving the button pushed button down. If the selection isn't trimmed, it will be moved along with the pressed pressed button. The result is a clean selection of crop lines. The selections made by pushing the button and the resulting selection are maintained, effectively making Illustrator a hybrid crop and trimming tool. The Illustrator crop tool produces approximately 2,500 crop lines. Of those, approximately 250 will be preserved as alpha points, or they can be saved as a sort of crop profile for future use. The rest are saved as the application determines to be useful. A preview of the crop selected area not saved. Illustrator. An example of crop preserves being created, along with the markers used to mark preserves, was captured in the video below. The Illustrator team has already created a rough mockup of the preserves being saved to a file, but it is up to the users to open the files and manipulate them to make them what they most desires. Maybe the most ambitious part of the update, for the Illustrator team. " the team thought as they worked on it. Making it in shape, adding to the library of selections, making a bunch of nice-but-not-impressive highlights. Something they have been working on for a while now, but this big, easy, huge improvement just might get them excited to try something different. Maybe this huge improvement will help. DC Extended Color, which would be used in the improved Curves tool, was not part of the existing Curves line-up. But, in the future, if Adobe deems it is necessary, it could be incorporated into Extended Color? Vector features in new Curves tools. Illustrator. In addition to